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November 1, 2017

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Praises for Your Dream God’s Plan

I couldn’t put this book down! Tiffany’s words are a gift of grace and conviction, and her stories stirred my heart and soul. Tiffany shares her struggles and dreams wrapped up in powerful lessons that allow us to see God’s glorious light shining into very broken places. I believe this book can change the world, encouraging us all to follow the call of beautiful purpose that God has designed for our lives. Your Dream. God’s Plan. will leave you inspired to action and awash in abundant gratitude. 

-Courtney Westlake, author of A Different Beautiful

“Tiffany is one of the most inspirational, love-filled leaders I’ve ever met. A walking Miracle whose trials and triumph will teach you how to transform your perspective, priorities, and purpose… All for your betterment and those around you.

A must read for anyone looking to positively impact the world and live a real, authentic, life of love!”

– Jeff Ragan, Founder and CEO of KiZE Concepts Inc.

Tiffany’s story will inspire you to live beyond yourself and see life from God’s perspective. Tiffany challenges this generation to life with purpose and perseverance that goes beyond what seems hopeless. Once she received her miracle of life she was awakened to see that God wanted to use her to connect, help provide and change the destinies of kids around the world. God was able to move up in her heart to change the lives of kids caught in the world of being homeless or even trafficked and used wrongfully to give them a better life. Today she has connected with other businesspeople to help them see their calling and connection to supply resources to reach others they don’t even know. 

Years ago, I remember looking at my kids and I heard the Holy Spirit say to me that He would one day raise up many of their generation to radically follow Jesus’ callings and live sacrificially to reach the world with Gods saving grace and transforming power. Tiffany is one of these and she’s calling her generation to live with God’s purpose and be sold out to Him. “

 – Sharon Daugherty, Founding Pastor of Victory Christian Center

“The ability Tiffany has to run towards God and trust in Him after all she has been through is truly inspiring. Her fierce, gentle strength and motivating words will encourage, empower and inspire anyone who has experienced deep pain, suffering and hardships.”           

-Joanna Waterfall  Founder of the Yellow Conference

“Your dream, God ‘s plan is a powerful book that shows the greater purpose of our lives here on earth.  I was glued to this book until I finished to read it. The trials and tribulations of any sort are not designed to break you, but to make you strong for a specific assignment. Tiffany stood the trials and tribulations. She is now this beautiful golden vessel sharing her account with The Lord and the importance of our Yes to The Lord. This book has helped me to trust God’s plans in the lives of two of children who were sick while I was reading.”

–   Yvrose Telford Ismael, Co Founder of Hope House Haïti, Hope Tree of Life Ministries, and Recipient of William Jefferson Clinton Goodwill Award

It is a joy to see a young girl, threatened by a brain tumor that had recurred again and again, develop into an impressive young woman who has answered a calling – and dedicated herself to serving children around the globe. Tiffany was always a wonderful patient, enduring problems and promises as she battled a potentially lethal brain tumor for too many years, extending well into her teenage times. She here beautifully captures her story, her fight, ultimately enabling her to pursue her adolescent dream to lead a “normal” life. It is unfortunately rare for survivors of brain tumors to regain all the physical and intellectual capabilities Tiffany has enjoyed as the fruit of her firm dedication, hours and days and months of therapy, and her faith. It is always challenging for those of us who care for adolescents with life threatening illnesses to see teens threatened at a time when they consider themselves invincible and want only to be “normal.” Tiffany’s story, so beautifully related here, includes her unique dedication and understanding, and her deep faith that together have enabled her to overcome limitations – and to enjoy the functional capabilities one can only dare to hope to see amongst children who survive brain tumors. She has reached that dream and become a “normal young adult” – and more. She is that “one in a million” survivor, a young woman fully engaged in life and successfully extending its meaning.

To see, and here to read how Tiffany has gone beyond the threats and physical challenges of a brain tumor that required four surgeries and radiation therapy to control is a wonderful story. To also see how a survivor of childhood cancer can bring meaning and comfort to children around the globe is an even more remarkable and uplifting story. Her book outlines her faith and her dedication, the miracle of a critically threatened young girl maturing into a young woman who has succeeded so meaningfully in bringing opportunity and, indeed, life itself to orphaned children and women around the world. Tiffany’s survival has been multiplied many times – and her story is still unfolding as is her profound commitment and her abiding faith.”

–  Doctor Larry Kun, Executive Vice President and Clinical Director at St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.